Whether you need a quick refresh or full remodel, Styled by ABS has options to help keep your home on trend and on a budget. 

  • Room Edits: Start with a 60-minute session where you discuss all project areas, including room flow, paint, furniture, and decor. You may choose to bring the proposed edits to life on your own or move onto full design services.

  • Full Design Services: Invite Styled by ABS back into your home to complete recommended changes. This includes the initial 60-minute consultation, room design boards, sourcing items, and returning to style the room.

Styled by ABS has an eye for modern updates to public spaces. We specialize in working with all budgets tp revive key areas such as waiting, lounge, and conference areas.



Seeking a modern environment or maybe something more traditional? Perhaps you prefer to blend styles or just not sure what you would like. Regardless of where you stand, every consult begins with an online quiz designed to pinpoint your exact test to create a space that is uniquely you.


A thoughtfully curated list of goods will be provided for in store or online shopping. This may include furniture, art, or accessories tailored to match your style.


Included with the source sheet is a design board making customized recommendations on how to complete the suggested style. You may decide to DIY your space or invite styled by ABS to return and complete the styling process.

Styled by ABS can elevate the appearance of your next event or intimate gathering. From cozy lounges to swanky bars, customized photo booths to stunning dessert stations, ABS's design plans are tailored to dazzle your guests and make it an affair to remember.


When selling your home, staging services are a terrific way to attract the right buyer. Likely you have the right pieces but may need to rethink how they are displayed.

Styled by ABS will come in for a 60-minute walk through to discuss room revisions which integrate your own furnishings with decor extras. Following the initial consultation, you can complete the changes on your own or have ABS return to stage.